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SPEED'S WAW/prestige modded lobbys

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SPEED'S WAW/prestige modded lobbys

Post  Guest on Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:32 am

This is ran by retired staff

Pick your prestige
Pick any prestige you want 0-11
(Must pick same prestige or greater than your current prestige level, de-prestiging doesn't work)

Level 65:
When you pick your desired prestige, you will instantly level to 65.

Unlock all Attachments:
Unlock all attachments (minus a few) for every gun

Unlock all Achievements
Unlocks all achievements for the game

Modded Multiplayer Leaderboards
Mods your Xbox Live Leaderboards insanely high.

High on Zombie leaderboards (Score and rounds)
Pick your score. What ever you decide to stop on will be the ammount that goes on the leaderboards.

The round we end on will be decided by majority of players

You will get a small amount of infections for as long as you play zombies or campaign


1 game = 20 minutes time

$5 - 1 game

1600 MSP - 3 games

3 Month - 3 games


Map will be decided by payer.
You are free to invite who ever you want. You will also receive co-host powers.

$25 - 45 minutes

1600 - 30 minutes

3 Month - 30 minutes


i will add the paypal link ass soon as possible

For 3 month / 1600 MSP payments:
Only English codes are accepted.
I will test the code before I invite you. A fake code will not get you an invite, so don't try.

Send the code to me via the private message system on TTG, and fill out the template below.

Your Code Here

Rental Or Game

Your GT Here



3 games


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