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All Classic Maps Tutorial! No Jtag Required!

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All Classic Maps Tutorial! No Jtag Required!

Post  -Neuration on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:32 am

-BRAVES- edit: Stickied. Great Tutorial.

PLEASE +Rep If I Helped You Out I Would Appreciate It Very Much Guys, Thanks

Hello, In This Video you will learn how to All the Classic Maps On Call Of Duty Black Ops. Theese classic maps are: Nacht Der Untoten, Veruckt (Zombie Asylum), Shi No Numa and Der Riese!

What You Will Need: Transfer Cable Or USB Flash Drive With More Than 1GB Of Space, Black Ops (Obviously), a Xbox Hardrive and 2 Xbox 360 Controllers.

Programs You'll Need: Xport 360.

Here's The Tutorial (If you need a Text Tutorial Read Below Downloads.)

Here Is The Hardened Zombie Map Pack. (If It Says Unavalible Then Keep The Page Open For About 1 to 2 Minutes and then refresh the page.)

Text Tutorial
1. Open USBXTAFGUI.exe/Xport360
2. open your xbox formatted usb in the program
3. inject the 41560855 folder into the 0000000000000 directory (Thats the Black ops file and correct path. Make sure its 0000000002 not 1)
4. Inject E0000D1DD702EA8E(profile) into the directory
5. plug it into your Xbox, transfer the files to your HDD and good to go

How to make the maps work
1. Sign in to your LIVE account with controller one and stay at the dashboard.
2. grab a second controller and turn it on, signing in to the modded account (BlakOps taco543)
3. start the game and go into zombies to see your new maps

The Video And Text Tut Was Created By iTzLuPo So ALL Credit goes to him. Don't say im stealing his tutorial, because im just helping the communtity.

Thank The Topic If This Has Helped

Thanks To -BRAVES- For The Sticky, Your Awsome!

EDIT: Everyone has been saying about how i should put how to get the 000000000000 section up when using a USB Flash Drive. As i bought a transfer cable ive never used a USB but apparently you have to transfer an Avatar Item? Sorry thats all i know at the moment but i will update when i know for sure. Thanks

Another BIG edit: Alright, Everybody that has followed and succsefully completed this tutorial will know that when you click xbox live it says "cannot connect to the black ops servers" Well i've now found a way too fix this, heres what you do.

1.Make sure you have both profiles signed in
2.Go to Zombies -> Solo -> Der Riese (On your account, not BlakOps Taco)
3.When the game has started sign out of "BlakOps Taco"
4.Leave your Game. Then you will be able to play online with your friends! Thanks


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