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[RELEASE] RTCoD V2 - Real Time Black Ops Modding w/tUT

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[RELEASE] RTCoD V2 - Real Time Black Ops Modding w/tUT

Post  xPlatinum on Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:59 am

RTCoD V2 - Real Time BlackOps Modding

Download here OZ8SAOQN4B

all credit to teh1337 & Kiwimooiscool. I have nothing to do with this updated version!

To use this, you must use some sort of launcher such as RTE Launcher, dashlaunch, or zy0n's tool to be released soon

You must also have RTE enabled on your xex

This program allows you to edit DVARS in the game. Its like RTHalo but for Call Of Duty

DL link for updated version coming soon

This tutorial will teach you how to mod in real time on call of duty black ops. This means that you will be able to mod the maps(.map files) on your computer while you're playing and poke the changes and see them happen before your eyes. This will allow you to change everything, basic codes, dvars, commands.

A JTAG'd Xbox 360
Call of duty black ops disc or ISO
Alteration with the ability to do RTCOD and hacked XeX's(Search Google for "RTELauncher.xex"
The memory editing patch for your NAND
FreeBOOT .032 or .030 or easyfreeboot 12611 (XBR is NOT okay)

1. Turn your JTAG on.

2. Go to XeXmenu or FreeStyle Dash.

(Skip steps 3-5 if you already have black ops on your HDD)
3. Create a folder wherever you like. To create a folder press Y and go to 'Create'. A box will come up asking you want to name the folder. Name it 'Black ops' (depending on which game you are going to mod).

4. Your disc tray should now open and another message should pop up on your screen. Put your black ops disc in the tray and manually close the tray. Wait until you hear the disc start to spin and then press 'Confirm' on your screen.

5. Wait for the disc to finish ripping to your HDD.

6. Plug your HDD into your computer or connect to it via FTP. If you are connecting through FTP, you will need the program FlashFXP.

If you are connecting your Hard Drive to your computer, than you are going to need to navigate to the folder where you ripped Black ops to.

7. Now find the hacked XeX's that came with the modified Alteration.

8. Rename the RTCOD.xex to default.xex if you are modding black ops.

9. Put the (Black ops)default.xex, RTELauncher.xex, and RTELoader.xex in the black ops folder.

10. Open the Alteration version that allows RTCOD for JTAGs.

11. Go to the Settings by going to Edit > Settings. Here you will have to change your XDKName or JTAG name. Depending on which version of Alteration you have.

Your XDKName is your JTAGs IP address. You can get your IP address in the NXE dashboard, Freestyle Dashboard, or XeXmenu.

12. Now plug your HDD back into your JTAG. Turn your JTAG on and navigate to your Black ops directory.

13. Launch the RTELauncher.xex by clicking on it. Do NOT click the default.xex Also make sure to have Alteration open at this point. Your JTAG and computer running Alteration must also both be connected to your network.

14. This should launch the game. If you get kicked back to the dashboard, then check your flash directory. In that directory you should have a launch.ini and launch.xex file. If you do not, then you will need to get them from Xbins. Those are called dashlaunch. If your Xbox turns off, then you most likely don't have the the memory editing patch on your NAND.

15. When the game is loading during the intro(or in the main menu) it will give you a message saying that it is listening to your connection. Two messages should pop up. Just click confirm on both of them as long as you have Alteration open on your computer. The messages are just telling you that your Xbox is trying to connect to your computer.

16. Start a game on whatever map you want.

17. Open the map you want to mod on your computer(in my case nuketown.ff) in Alteration. To do so, click on File > Open Map and find the map you want to mod.

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