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easy credits(commendations)

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easy credits(commendations)

Post  TriggaMan on Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:13 am

Flawless cowboy and demon commendations You start up winter contingency on heroic or harder and you walk through all of the covenant try to stay right at all times if you go left or middle it just leads to death. Dont worry about killing the covenant it will lead to death or not even passing the mission. You pass all the covenant after you run pass the elites get on the truck to your right and drive to the third building and you have to kill all the covenant at this part it wont take long there's only 2 waves of them. Then you get on the falcons and you get dropped off at this building/garage type thing and you go into the base where Kat and your teammates are at for about 5 minutes then Kat will open the door and it will lead to a cut scene. Then from that point and on you have to kill all the covenant and then it will lead you to a jacker thing from memory at least. then you hold Rb to press the jacker and then it will go black screen count to three then save and quit. then go back into the mission where you left off and don't do anything it will bring you back to the campaign menu and if you get 200 cR you did it right. Keep doing this to boost commendations dont do it to much or it will lead to rank reset and credit reset. If you didnt understand me hopefully this helps you.

Theres another credit boost i learned you start up oni sword base on heroic and you run past the covenant and go into this garage type thing look left and there should be a target locater and hide in a corner until you see check point reached and aim the target locater to the way you came from (where you see covenant) and the target locater should kill them all and return to last check point and if it works you should of gotten a killionaire and 200 cR or more. If you didnt understand what i was saying hopefully this helps you
Hopefully this helps you rank up. ENJOY! If you have any questions or concerns PM me.


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Re: easy credits(commendations)

Post  iBeCarlton on Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:28 pm

Nice post man looks good!

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Re: easy credits(commendations)

Post  Guest on Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:55 pm

nice post man to bad i think its pacthed

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