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>CLOSED< Mod menu/Infects/10th/Leaderboards/Zombies

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>CLOSED< Mod menu/Infects/10th/Leaderboards/Zombies

Post  ReMeDy on Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:36 am

Lobbby Status=Closed
~~Welcome to KaoTiiC's Mod ShOP~~

-Full Lobby Pass

1.Destired Prestige
2.All Titles
3.All Emblems[Sppining 10th Included]
5.Colored Classes
6.Custom Leaderboards
7.All Attachments
8.All Camos
9.All Challanges
10.Pro Perks

-Infection Pass:

-Custom Infections to Choose From in Game
1.Toggle Chrome Effect Infection On/Off
2.Toggle Cartoon Mapping Infection On/Off
3.Toggle Acid Mapping Infection On/Off
4.Toggle 1 Hit Kill On/Off (Requires Stopping Power Perk)
5.Toggle God Mode to Stopping Power On/Off
6.Toggle Desired Care (Package AC130/Chopper Gunner)
7.Custom Game Modes (GTNW/Arena)
-Default Infections:
1.Aim Assist [snap to is patched but target holding still functions!!]
2.Wallhack [Private Games Only]
3.Red Boxes Around enemies [Private Games Only]
4.Host name appears in game
5.Jumbo Radar
6.Instant Reload (player must use sleight of hand)
7.Permanent UAV[Private Games Only]
8.AC130 in Care Package [must be host]
9.AC130 in Emergency Airdrop [must be host]
10.Shoot through walls
11.Stairway to Heaven
12.Predator Missile Martyrdom [Private Games Only]
13.Super Melee (Far Melee)
14.Instant Reload (Fast Fire Weapons)
15.Super Steady Aim ("+" crosshair, for 100% accuracy on blindfires)
16.Fast Sprint
17.2 Second Nuke Timer
18.Unlimited Max Explosives Used
19.No White Flash or Stop Movement from Flash Grenade
20.Increased Snipe Breath Holding Time
21.Laser Sighted Guns
22.FPS Counter on Screen
23.Stretch Armstrong (Pick Up Care Packages from Far Away)
24.**NEW**Javelin Missile Macros

-Lobby Rentals:

10 Min-$20
15 Min-$25
20 Min-$30
25 Min-$40
30 Min-$60
40 Min-$70
50 Min-$100
1 Hour-$120
Whole KV-$200
Note:When You Rent Out One Of Our Lobbies You Can Invite As Many People As You Want/Stay As long As You Want In The Lobby For The Time Amount That You Have Rented For.

Zombie Pass:

You Will Play Zombies For 30Min Then Leave It is An Additional $10 For 1 Hour

All titles And emblems $10
Infections $5
30 min-$45
Paypal IS - Lgtmodz @

Mssg me on Aim: Live Lobbys
Pm me on here:
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Re: >CLOSED< Mod menu/Infects/10th/Leaderboards/Zombies

Post  Ragnarock on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:24 am


Well sir you have earned your self a sticky.

BTW : Staff that keeps asking for proof! Stop! or u will be demoted.

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Re: >CLOSED< Mod menu/Infects/10th/Leaderboards/Zombies

Post  xZaabri on Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:56 pm

Good Luck on your Lobbies Bro!

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